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When we have a fixed mindset, we believe that confidence, self-worth and natural talent are things we need to be born with in order to have. 



If they don't come naturally, we'll be terrified of being seen and exhaust ourselves

trying to escape our crippling fear of failure, rejection and judgement. 

So we get stuck on that hamster wheel of shitty patterns and feel like our lives are

passing us by without much to show for them.

In our personal lives, we feel a lack of purpose, struggle to believe that we'll ever be good enough and have a whole range of things we need to change before we can be even be remotely close to being happy ... and another list of reasons why it'll probably never happen.


In our work life, we seem surrounded by people who take advantage, aren't reliable, untrustworthy, controlling or bloody unpleasant!  The more you do, the more they expect and in the end it's easier to either just do it yourself, blame yourself or compare yourself.

In our relationships, we may feel disconnected, unheard or afraid of rocking the boat. We crave love and intimacy but often reject it out of fear of judgement.  We want to get close to our partner, but we don't know what to do or how to do it.  So we don't, and just settle back into the same old same old of assuming there's just something wrong with us. 

The problem with our lives, relationships and workplaces isn't that we are incapable, defective, or not good enough, the problem is that we believe we are. 


Because of this we get stuck in negative patterns of control, anger, people-pleasing, and self-loathing. 


Here at Reboot Mindset Coaching, we set you free from the patterns so you can live a life that truly excites you.

Let's have a conversation about how we how we can do that. 

In person | Online |  or Phone

It's like I have freaking super powers!

The light has been turned on. I can't believe the difference.

The ripple effect through my work and home life is unbelievable.

N.W - Perth

EVERYONE should do this workshop!

I loved everything!  So professional and well organised. Leanne is real, likeable and personable. Very engaging! Lunch was 20 out of 10. Amazing!

Brianna - Bunbury

Workshop - Understanding What Creates a Positive Workplace Culture

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UNFCK Yourself
The online course that'll get you back in control for good!
Click here to read all about it.

I loved it!

Such a safe, non-judgemental space to shift the negative

and become a fu*ken badass in life!

N.R - Donnybrook

100% Mind Blown!

Leanne has a way of listening to you and instantly knowing exactly what's going on in your head and how to rewire you. I don't know how she does it. She is so much fun and has completely changed how I feel about myself.

Name Withheld - Mandurah

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Like to learn more about the results we could get for you, your relationship or your team?

In person | Online | Phone

We can work with you in person or online.

You also get to control your appointments through our online booking portal.

On a budget?  We have flexible payment plans.

No interest

No hassles

No fees

There's no 

one-size-fits-all approach here at Reboot.


You're unique, which is why we are too!

We'll never tell you who you should be.  You tell us the badass results

you want and we'll

help you get there.

100% Judgement Free





Did you know that you can hire our kickass premises for your own events?

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Facilities include:

  • Small kitchenette

  • Microwave

  • Tea/Coffee facilities

  • All access toilet

  • Reasonable Wi-Fi

  • Wall-mounted screen for presentations via HDMI cable (supplied)

  • Reverse cycle air-conditioning

  • Comfortable seating

  • Quiet location

  • FREE parking

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affordable rates and availability,
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