We're all doing the best we can with what we've got.

We keep telling ourselves and others to stop doing certain things, but if that's how we're programmed,

you'll have more luck getting your toenails to stop growing.  

You can't ... because it's all they know how to do. 

For example, if you have an iPhone, you can't get it to display the Samsung home screen, no matter how much you yell at it, threaten it, hate it, plead with it, create policies to direct it, performance manage it or motivate it. 

BUT, if you could install an app that gave your phone the ability to display various home screens you'd have no issues. 

People are no different. 

It's no point giving them books, pep talks, ultimatums or performance appraisals ... you just need to update the programming.

And that's what we do. 

We understand how the mind works, what it needs and how to get it onside, because when you do, everything becomes easy. 

So, if you're struggling with your own mindset, relationship issues or a workplace culture that needs detoxifying, we can help. 

The price you pay is nothing compared to the value you'll get. 

Next round starts on Monday, 13th September 

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We work with visionary corporates who know that when there's high staff turnover, conflict, low morale and declining productivity, clients will leave and their reputation will walk all over them.


They know that when communication breaks down and it won't be long before they'll start losing their best staff, their bottom line will suffer and their reputation will be in tatters.

That's why we love working with these people. 

They are all about solutions and giving their staff the tools they

need to stop solving problems, and change the way they think about problems.

Reboot Your Workplace Culture

We have the BEST clients!  They are people who have finally had enough of being in a hamster wheel of 'same old same old'.


They're sick of trying to change their habits and thoughts but always ending up slipping back into old ways.  They know they want something different, but have no idea how to get it, usually because they feel like they've tried everything without any success.


They're sick of overthinking, not having a voice, always saying yes when they want to say no, and totally over feeling like they're just not good enough.  They're our people! 

Reboot Your Mindset

Reboot Your Mindset

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I wish we had a dollar for every person that has come to us saying ''you've got to help me either kill my partner or teach me how to love them again''.   Seriously, it's a common thing we hear. 

Our clients want to stay together but keep pissing each other off

or can't communicate without getting defensive.  

Both of them want to work on improving things but they're apprehensive about ''couples therapy'' because they've heard stories about how it's all feelings and finger pointing.  

Well as far as we're concerned, our clients are adults and don't need someone to patronise them, they just need someone real who can help them put the pieces back together in a way that's easy, fun and fast ... without all the feelings talk. 

Reboot Your Relationship


"It's been rough sailing around here trying to navigate all these personalities, but thank f**k we're back to smooth sailing again. Leanne, you're a bloody lighthouse in a shit storm!"

 Name Withheld - Perth WA 

You can choose to have our services delivered

in-person or online.

You can choose from a range of packages to

suit your budget.

You get to select the style and delivery of services that best suit your needs.

You get amazing transformation that's fun and blame-free.





No one dreams of living a shitty life, working in a toxic

environment or falling in love with someone who is

emotionally unavailable, we simply get stuck in cycles that

we don't even know we're in. 

So, here at Reboot Mindset Coaching, we're not about changing you, were about freeing you from the cycles that are buggering up your mindset, your workplace and your relationships.

It's fast ... it's real ... and it's fun!


Why we do what we do