You were born perfect, and since then, you've spent most of your life learning that you're not. 

Well, we're here to tell you that you ARE perfect, you've just got some beliefs, experiences and emotions that are preventing you from seeing that.

It's ok, you've just forgotten where you left your power.

We're about to remind you. 

LEANNE SHAW is the founder of Reboot Mindset Coaching and a professional badass. She has an ability to transform your mindset, relationships and work culture. She's real, swears occasionally and has earned a reputation as a kickass coach, speaker and corporate trainer. 

Leanne entered this field after spending several decades feeling totally messed up.  She spent tens of thousands of dollars on support, therapy and self-education, all of which helped but none of which gave her the ability to transform her life.  It was only when she discovered someone with expertise in Intuitive/Energetic NLP that she found her own power source and created the change herself within weeks.  Since then, she has invested more than $30K in her own training and is always learning more.  As a result, working with Leanne allows you to reap the benefit of this training so you can get your results quicker without having to go through all the trial and error that she did. 

SUPERPOWER: Real and no bullshit!

WEAKNESS: Coffee and exploring

PETS: Cat Nyla, and fish, Rodney, Clarice, Bruno, Audrey and Bruce

FAVE FOOD: A good spicy satay

FAVE DRINK: Good coffee / Sambuca

GUILTY PLEASURE: Lazy Sundays and hugs

FAVE SAYING: Who the fuck you gonna be about it?

BRAGS ABOUT: Sitting next to Dr Who on a flight to England

LOUSY AT: Finishing a game of Monopoly

DREAMS OF: Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge


Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Master Hypnotherapist

Master Life Coach

Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy

Diploma of Frontline Management

Diploma of Structural Editing

Cert III in Community Services

Mother of three kickass daughters

Headshot 3_edited.jpg

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SAMANTHA SHAW is like a bottle of lemonade with extra bubbles.  She's fun, engaging and has an incredible sense of warmth. A self confessed doggo lover, self-love campaigner and introvert, she's also the engine-room of Team Reboot and keeps everything well oiled and ticking along in the background so magic can happen.  

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WEAKNESS: Cinnamon buns, road trips, crystals and outer space

PET: Louie, the wonder dog

FAVE FOOD: Chicken Parmy

FAVE DRINK: Mocha, iced or hot 

GUILTY PLEASURE: Lazy Sundays with Louie and Brock her partner

FAVE SAYING: Oooooh nooooo!

BRAGS ABOUT: Being instrumental in creating meaningful legislation during her 6-years in politics

LOUSY AT: Folding fitted sheets 

DREAMS OF: Building her dream house with her hunky spunky


Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Cert IV in Business Administration

Masters in rescuing puppy dogs

Diploma in cinnamon roll baking

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