Harmony at home.

My daughter has been struggling for a while to feel confident in going different places and having major meltdowns about getting dressed & leaving the house.  One visit to Leanne has changed all of that! We have our happy, smiley, confident daughter back & it feels great! We are all grateful 😍 Thank you Leanne.

It's hard to believe (and sometimes accept) but often the behaviour your kids are exhibiting is what they need to be doing to form fully, productive neural pathways.  But, there is a line ... and I'll show you how to make it a visible one your kids can see.  

So, Book your session and let's get started!

Most kids don't yet have the life skills to understand the consequences of their behaviour to themselves or those around them.  As parents, it's vital that you step in to teach them how to get the results they want but in an appropriate way.

Easier said than done eh?  Well, when you understand why your child is behaving a certain way you'll have the chance to step in and navigate them in a calm, proactive way rather than by using anger, punishment and other tools that simply demonstrate other negatives.  Sure, there are definitely times that children require stronger outcomes but these will soon be the exception rather than the norm.

Once you understand your child's personality and their intrinsic needs, 

you can use simple, practical parenting

tools to yield amazing results and create

your very own little self-esteem superhero.

None of you are doing anything wrong ... you just need to learn

each other's language. Book your session and I'll teach you how. 

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