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Conflict to Cohesion

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Dreaded Drama Cycle Vs The Empowerment Dynamic

The Dreaded Drama Cycle is the annihilator of relationships, workplaces and success, however when these characters exit stage left and make room for TED, happiness, cohesion and kickass success becomes your new normal. 

Please click HERE to access all kinds of YouTube videos on this.  You don't have to watch them all. Simply click on one and if it doesn't grab you within about 30 seconds, close it and go to the next one.  The purpose of this is to find the video that gives you that "Aaaah! I get it!" moment. 

Please click HERE to download a set of DDT/TED posters that you can print or simply save and keep handy.  Even displaying them in your office could create a shift among staff. 


Alternatively, you can purchase a full set of hardcopy, 160gsm, matte laminated posters for: A2 - $135 + GST, or A4 - $65 + GST. Just email and we'll provide an invoice. 


The 5 Chairs - A methodology for behavioural success

This is one of our faves, so we thought we'd share it with you too.  Talk about a sucker punch of self-accountability!!! We love it!! 

Leanne has spoken to Louise Evans several times and had planned to travel to Italy in November 2019 to study with her, but we all know what got in the way of that. It's on the bucket list for 2023.

Please click the image, or HERE to watch it. . 

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