"It was so refreshing to attend training that wasn't death-by-powerpoint.  Leanne, you are so engaging and relatable.  You put us all at ease straight away and we felt we could openly share things with you without judgement or repercussions.  

We've bean talking about it since, and everyone agrees that the tools you gave us have helped  in all areas of our lives, not just in creating a better, happier workplace.  I wish we learned this years ago."
Workshop Participant / WA Govt. Department.

"I lead a large team of people and many of them are a law unto themselves.  I've been ready to give up so many times because nothing I do seems to work. All that has changed now. 


Leanne has taught me so much and not one single person triggers me now - not even my husband! (And that's saying something!) 


I feel like I am a much better leader and I can even say I'm passing these skills on to others.  It's like the light has been turned on.  Can't believe the difference.  The ripple effect through my work and life is unbelievable."   

- Satisfied Client

Image Credit - SafeWork Australia

Managers spend, on average, 40% of their time dealing with workplace issues.  

It's time to stop solving problems and start changing the way your team THINKS about problems.

"It's been rough sailing around here trying to navigate all these personalities, but thank f**k we're back to smooth sailing again. Leanne, you're a bloody lighthouse in a shit storm!"
Satisfied Client

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Leanne held a workshop for my team at The Crooked Carrot last night and it was great to learn new coping strategies and new ideas of just how quickly a thought that we have, to an insignificant event, can trigger a whole set of actions that may lead to misinterpretation and build tension that can quickly undermine harmony in the work place. 

My whole team thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and found it relatable to everyday life as well as the work place. Thank you Leanne, we are looking forward to more harmony and less drama!!

- Sonia Castro

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