Want to slash the cost of staff leave and coverage?

Need staff with conversation skills that rapidly de-escalate clients?

Want staff to be empowered so they don’t need stress leave?

Let’s connect!

Depression and anxiety alone cost the global economy $1 trillion in lost productivity every year.            

World Health Organisation.

When you have unhappy staff, you have unhappy clients and the whole corporate arena becomes a melting pot of emotions with stress leave and high turnover the end product.

When we deal with challenging clients, staff, managers or stakeholders, we can often take things personally, over-react and struggle to respond in a way that is professional, empathetic and integral.

We feel targeted, under attack and incredibly stressed and as a result, 75% - 90% of all physicians visits are prompted by stress related condition.

So what do we do about it?

We fix it!

My point of difference is that I don't have a one-size-fits-all approach. 

I don't come to you with pre-planned workshops or training that your staff then need to fit into.  I work with people and people are different.  Which is why my delivery is as well.

Your time is precious, I won't waste it.  We'll get right to it.

You tell me what's going wrong in your corporate setting, the issues you're facing and the outcomes you need changing.


I design and deliver a coaching program filled with the communication and resilience skills you need your staff to have.  And I give those to them.  Simple!




















I can deliver this to your workforce two ways:


Personalised Support - $650* per half day (3 hrs) / $1150* per full day (6 hrs)  

(at your workplace or at my office in Bunbury)


I bring all of my knowledge and skills to your workplace to support and empower your staff on a one-on-one basis.  Sessions run for one-hour, unless arranged otherwise.

Your staff get:

  • Clarity and increased workplace fulfilment

  • Increased ability to positively communicate

  • Trauma support and release

  • Release of limiting beliefs

  • Release of negative emotions and unresourceful patterns

  • Support for issues impacting negatively upon their workplace or personal lives

  • Knowledge that you are an employer of choice

  • Acknowledgement that instils a sense of being a valued employee

  • Full confidentiality

You get:

  • To be an employer of choice that values and supports your workforce

  • A reduction in workplace issues

  • Staff who become solution-focused as opposed to oppositional

  • Staff who can who can re-frame and deescalate high-pressure situations

  • Increased customer/client satisfaction due to positive boundaries and interactions

  • Reduced staff absenteeism or turnover due to sick leave, stress leave and/or resignations. 

Travel time is included in this allocation if within 15kms of Bunbury.  If your site is located outside of 15kms, travel will either be incorporated into the time booked, or a small additional travel fee can be paid to preserve full allocation of hours onsite. 

Small Team Support - $1500* per half day (3 hrs) / $2750* per full day (6 hrs)  

(at your workplace or at my training room in Bunbury)

Your team of up to 6 people get specialised, interactive support in specific skills such as:

  • Positive communication

  • Positive leadership

  • How to handle and navigate grievances

  • Taking and delivering constructive feedback

  • Conflict resolution

  • Customer service

  • How to deescalate high-pressure situations

  • Positive re-framing

  • Emotional compartmentalising 

  • How to not take things personally

  • Personality conflicts and resolution

  • How to manage and interact with strong personalities

  • How to identify and adopt workplace values

  • or any other specific areas as identified by your workplace 

You get:

  • To select the skills I provide from the above areas of support

  • Individualised, targeted skills delivery

  • Teams who work on 'the same page'

  • Strengthened teams with the tools to empower themselves and others

  • To be an employer of choice that values and supports your workforce

  • A reduction in workplace issues

  • Staff who become solution-focused as opposed to oppositional

  • Clients, customers and stakeholders who get supported by empowered staff

  • Staff who can re-frame and deescalate high-pressure situations without absorbing them

  • A reduction of staff absenteeism through sick leave, stress leave and/or resignations. 

I am also able to design and deliver specific content workshops for larger groups.

Content and pricing is available upon request.











- Sick leave slashed.
- Stress leave slashed.
- Client satisfaction increases.
- You become an industry leader.

Be the company everyone wants to work for and lead a team equipped with resilience and emotional resources to handle anything and anyone.

Let's connect ... and get started!


Can you afford not to invest in your people?    


Email Leanne to request an obligation free consult.

* All rates are exclusive of GST

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