Full day training for leaders who want to create better environments.

Available in-person or Online

"What an excellent presentation. Now I know what questions to ask to create change really quickly.   Thank you for the clarity, the examples and for helping me understand why BBQ Tuesday isn't working.  I now have practical take-a-ways that I can implement."

(N.W. Training participant)

We all know that when staff feel supported and valued, they are more likely to stay and be more productive.  But, how can you improve workplace wellness when you don't know how to measure it, don't know where to start, or don't have the time or funds to make huge changes? 

This training will teach your leadership team how to create positive change quickly, easily and cheaply. 

Delegates who attend this training will learn what a mentally healthy workplace is, how to measure it and how to get everyone to play their part. 


This full-day How to Create a Mentally Healthy Workplace training will be tailored, in line with your company's desired outcomes, but will likely include the following content:

  • What a mentally healthy workplace is (and isn't).

  • Why casual dress, and free food days don't work.

  • The ONE question that will help you measure how mentally healthy your workplace is.

  • 10 things that create mentally UNhealthy workplaces.

  • Why some people thrive on drama and how to motivate them out of it. 

  • How to communicate with difficult people, without creating hostility.

  • Situational roleplaying that will provide clarity on difficult situations. 

PLUS, you'll get the FOUR MAGIC QUESTIONS that will change the game, quickly!

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When the tools in this training are implemented, you can expect to have:

  • Practical ways to measure and improve workplace wellbeing.

  • A way to find out what staff REALLY want, versus what you think they want.

  • Reduced employee stress leave.

  • Increase in staff retention.

  • Improved company morale.

  • Increased levels of productivity.

  • Decreased absenteeism/presenteeism. 

  • Happier staff who become cheerleaders for each other. 

  • Happier customers / clients who become cheerleaders for your business.

  • Your competition wondering how you did it!

We are also able to offer you one-to-one or group support following this program that will help you implement and maintain your mentally healthy workplace. 

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This training is ideal for team leaders, managers, supervisors and business owners who are committed to leading by example and want to understand how easy it is to create a mentally healthy workplace.

For any initiatives like this to be successful, it needs to start at the top. We can then work with your team in an ongoing capacity to implement and maintain workplace wellbeing, or even support them to create a self-managed action plan. 

People who will find the course content helpful include:

  • Team leaders, supervisors, and managers.

  • Education Dept. HOLAs.

  • Team members who are preparing to step into a leadership role. 

  • HR, recruitment, and OSH personnel.

  • Board of Management members and volunteers.

  • Anyone interested in driving a positive workplace shift.