Full day training for visionary leaders and teams who
want to drive positive change.

Available in-person or Online

"I think EVERYONE should do this course! I loved everything! So professional and well organised. Leanne is real, likeable and personable. Very engaging!

Lunch was 20 out of 10. Amazing!"

(Brianna - Dept. Education, Bunbury WA)

Culture change is a wonderful thing, but it is also one of the hardest things to drive ... not because it's difficult, but because, in our experience, corporates come at it from the wrong direction. 

No matter how amazing your culture change initiatives are, they're worth nothing if your staff aren't on board and willing to make the change with you.  After all, no one sees themselves as part of the problem.  But, when you understand what drives behaviour, you can rapidly inspire your people to make the change themselves - WITHOUT and blame, finger pointing or confrontation. 


As a result, you get a workplace that is the envy of your competitors, and you get it in less time and pay less money. 

This one-day workshop will give you insight into the personalities that compromise workplace culture, and how to relate and motivate them to embrace change willingly. You'll also get a customisable template that will lead your team into self-accountability and eager to be part of creating something better. 

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This full-day training includes the following content:

  • Exploring what a positive workplace cutlure is;

  • Why changing culture is hard and how to make it easier;

  • The six questions that inspire self-accountability;

  • The difference between internal and external conflict;

  • Understanding triggers and why we react differently to the same thing;

  • Overview of the Drama Cycle in the workplace and how to tell if your team is in it;

  • The rapid antidote to drama and how to use it;

  • How to motivate people to embrace change without ruffling any feathers;

  • Understanding how to respond in difficult situations/conversations;

  • The key sentences that will hold yourself and others accountable without confrontation;

  • Opportunities to work through real-life or imagined scenarios; and

  • Putting it all together – how to use our actionable resource and implement it your own workplace.

We will also provide information on how we can support you and your team to create a self-paced action plan for success ... or how we can manage the entire process for you, so you can get back to work, while we get your team back on board. 

Leanne is a great presenter! I loved that she made me reflect and think about the way I re



  • Easy, actionable steps that create behaviour change fast.

  • You'll create a happier workplace where staff take ownership of their results.

  • No more 'my way or the highway' mentality.

  • Team leaders will have a clear understanding of how to engage and motivate others.

  • Staff having the language to keep themselves and others self-accountable.

  • Improved communication between staff and stakeholders.

  • Clarity around what is often an overwhelming exercise.

  • Reduced stress leave and lower staff turnover.

  • Positive ripple effects through the organsiation.

  • Improvements in every relationship (both professional and personal).

  • Being able to recognise and release decades-long negative patterns.

  • Increased participation and contribution to team meetings and projects.

  • Improved ability to performance manage and mentor.

… to name just a few.

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This training is perfect for anyone who wants to drive positive change in their workplace.  We strongly recommend that leaders and upper level managers also attend, as any successful change is made from the top down.  Training is also great for workplace wellness committees, volunteer organsiations and strategic planning personnel. 

People who will find training content helpful include:

  • Customer service and client liaison staff

  • Call centre personnel

  • Admin teams, receptionists and public facing-staff

  • HOLAs, teaching staff and education assistants

  • Production and planning staff

  • Team leaders, supervisors, and managers

  • HR, recruitment, and OSH personnel

  • Anyone interested in driving positive change