Full day training for real people, who want to learn how to value
themselves and each other.

Available in-person or Online

"OMG!  I get it!!  I actually now understand what I'm doing!  In more than 35 years of professional development, never have I had the clarity you've given me today.  Talk about a lifechanging lightbulb moment.

(School principal - Perth WA)

Conflict is a natural part of life and when it is managed well, it can be a catalyst for significant growth and collaboration.
But, when it is not managed, a negative culture can form which has the potential to severely impact morale, productivity, and your reputation.


When your team has the right communication tools, they become accountable for their own actions and learn how to respectfully hold others accountable to theirs, which is essential if you want a workplace where people feel valued and excited about building your business. 


The secret is to not instruct your staff to change, but to inspire them to lead the change themselves.  

Delegates who attend this full-day training will learn how to manage and dissolve conflict  They'll come away with an improved ability to communicate with clients and with each other, and will become accountable for their words, actions and results.   


This full-day Conflict to Cohesion training will be tailored, in line with your company's desired outcomes, but will be based on the following content:

  • What conflict is and what it is not;

  • The difference between internal and external conflict;

  • Why conflict triggers us and how to take back control;

  • Overview of the Drama Cycle – THE key driver of conflict;

  • Meet the three roles in the Drama Cycle – the Victim, Rescuer and Persecutor;

  • How to identify, without judgement, each role in ourselves and others;

  • How to respond to, support and guide people out of the Drama Cycle;

  • Overview of the Empowerment Dynamic – the antidote to the Drama Cycle;

  • Meet the Empowerment Dynamic megastars – the Creator, Coach and Challenger;

  • How to develop each role within ourselves and others;

  • Understanding how to respond in difficult situations/conversations;

  • The key sentences that will hold yourself and others accountable without confrontation;

  • A group activity that explores each role in the Drama Cycle;

  • A group activity that explores each role in the Empowerment Dynamic;

  • Opportunities to work through real-life or imagined scenarios; and

  • Putting it all together – the five steps to successful conflict resolution - an actionable resource that can be taken back and implemented in your workplace.




People who have attended this training have reported the following benefits:

  • No longer being triggered by people or events.

  • Ability to initiate and participate in constructive communication.

  • Increased levels of commitment.

  • Ability to de-escalate and support difficult customers.

  • Positive ripple effects through the organsiation.

  • Improvements in every relationship (both professional and personal).

  • Ability to set and maintain integral boundaries.

  • Increased harmony and workplace happiness.

  • Being able to recognise and release decades-long negative patterns.

  • Increased participation and contribution to team meetings and projects.

  • Increased customer engagement and satisfaction.

  • Improved ability to performance manage and mentor.

… to name just a few.

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Although primarily aimed at teams, Conflict to Cohesion training is also ideal for managers and supervisors who want to improve their leadership skills and acquire practical new tools to further engage and empower their staff.

Our past clients have ranged in positions and industries.  For example, we have had Shire Presidents training alongside their Councillors, small business owners training alongside their staff and not-for-profit CEOs training alongside their volunteers.

Experience and customer feedback has consistently told us that our Conflict to Cohesion training was beneficial threefold: for the organisation, the attendees and for clients and customers.  An additional benefit, regularly shared with us, is that the training has also helped attendees become better partners, better parents and better for themselves.


Employees who will find the course content helpful include:

  • Your customer service and client liaison staff

  • Your admin teams, receptionists and public facing-staff

  • Your Education Dept. HOLAs, teaching staff and education assistants

  • Your production and planning staff

  • Team leaders, supervisors, and managers

  • HR, recruitment, and OSH personnel