Fast Track to Freedom!

I've spent more than $10K on counselling, but I haven't been able to release the issues I've been carrying for over 50 years ... until I met Leanne. 

I started as an emotional, angry, grief-stricken neurotic mess fuelled by anxiety and fear, but now I'm free!! I feel a joy I never thought would be mine to feel. I can honestly say that being coached by Leanne is the best thing I have ever done! 

 Get ready to live the life you currently only dream about!

Feel like you're being 'driven' by something deeper?

For me, it was like I climbed into the back seat of a chauffeur driven life every day.  I knew where I wanted to go and we started out just fine and then, without warning, the course changed and I ended up in places I didn't want to be - anxiety, self-sabotage, fear and self-doubt.  I'd get angry for no apparent reason and well, let's not talk about overwhelm - that was the worst!  

I felt powerless!  No matter how hard I focused on where I wanted to be, it was like someone or something else was in charge of my mindset GPS.

Until I learned how to reprogram that GPS.  Now life is so different.  I'm the my one with keys to my life now.  I set the course and although there may be speed bumps along the way, I can easily navigate around them before returning quickly to the course I want to stay on. 

It's time to take back the keys to your life!   Book your session and let's get started!

The Fast Track to Freedom - Full Breakthrough Package works like this:

In the first session I take a full personal history.  This is a completely safe space where I ask you a heap of easy questions that give me a full colour, 3D map of your world.  (Or in more colourful terms, this is where we take a good look at, and identify what's in your bucket of sh#t)   I'll then usually assign you some easy tasking to do between this and our next session.  

Before I see you again, I go through everything you've shared with me, identifying all of the limiting beliefs you have abut yourself, all of the fears and negative emotions, pain centres and patterns and I use this to design your full breakthrough.  So, in the next two to three sessions, we (again to be colourful) we completely empty your bucket of sh#t.  Then we meet up again and check to see if anything has stuck to the sides (any issues that are still niggling you) and we get rid of those too.


Just imagine how life will be without all of those negative ways-of-being controlling your cruise control!!  Book your session and let's get started!

Then, it gets exciting!!! We re-install your life GPS and YOU get to decide where it'll take you every day.  (AKA filling up your bucket with the stuff you actually WANT in it.)   Popular points of interest on your new map might be confidence, self-esteem, resilience, strength, abundance, motivation ... the list is endless.  

This package includes 6 sessions, each being 2 hours long.

It's a truly phenomenal process and you are 100% safe with me. 

Your exchange for a whole new mindset is $1999, and payment plans are available.

Or, pay up front and be eligible for the discounted rate of $1799.

So, are you ready?  Good!   Book your session and let's get started!

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