How happy is YOUR workplace?

We do all the groundwork for you

We collate all the data for you

We create a comprehensive post-survey report 

We provide easy-to-implement recommendations

PLUS we'll reveal your Workplace Happiness Score for you

As humans, we all have the same desire - to be happy!

The workplace is no different. 

When your people enjoy coming to work, get along with the people they work with, are committed to being their best and doing their best, incredible things become possible.


FUN FACT! This survey is one we created ages ago as a way to determine a baseline before training.  It was for our benefit only and allowed us to accurately measure the success of our work. 


But, what we consistently found, is that what people want and what management thinks people want were two different things.  Through our extensive work, we were always blown away by the simplicity of people's needs and how easy it is to make small changes that flow on to huge positive shifts.   


Seriously, we've had so many corporates scratch their heads and look dumbfounded when we tell them how easy it is to provide what their staff really want. 


So, that's why we decided to give you the chance to benefit from this information, whether you use our services in future or not.  Because, a happier workplace means happier people, which means a happier world ... and in a happier world, we all win!


WHY IT WORKS!  Asking your staff how you could be  a better employer seems like an easy question, but it's a minefield few employees want to willingly step on to.  Staff want to preserve their jobs, so may hold back the information you need to know - and go share it safely, with each other, or their friends and family instead, which is not ideal - or helpful to you. 

That's why our Workplace Happiness Survey works.

  • Our questions yield helpful answers 

  • Responses are anonymous

  • Whole-person approach ensures fairness

  • Ongoing accuracy even if staff numbers change

  • Participants contribute ideas and solutions

  • We're independent which generates honesty

  • Learn what staff like most about their jobs

  • Learn your Workplace Happiness Score

  • Get recommendations on small changes you can make now!

Get the ball rolling in less than 10 minutes!

STEP ONE Simply fill out the form below and hit submit.

STEP TWO Once we receive your form, we'll send you an invoice for AU$499 (ex GST).

STEP THREE Upon payment we'll provide you with a unique link to share with staff.

STEP FOUR Once the survey period closes, we'll get to work collating data and creating a report for you outlining the findings and recommendations that will help you straight away PLUS your overall Workplace Happiness Score.  You will receive this within 14 days of the survey closing.

We will also provide you with a few options on how we can help you Reboot your workplace happiness, but these are 100% obligation-free.   If you do engage our services within 90 days of receiving our report however, we will REIMBURSE you the cost of your survey - just as our way of saying thank you. 


So, let's do it!