How do I get people
to listen to me?

How do I not suck
at small talk?

How do I get past
my fear of failure?

How do I stop taking
feedback as an attack?

How do I stop
needing everyone
to like me?

How do I work out what my purpose is?

How do I stop giving up when I'm frustrated?

How do I stay focussed?

How do I stop putting
up brick walls?

How do I stop always
putting things off?

How do I stop feeling jealous about other people's success??

How do I stop attracting all
the users?

How do I put myself first without feeling guilty or selfish?

How do I stop always putting myself down?

How do I believe
that I'm enough?

All these topics .... and MORE!

kickass conversations 2.jpg

As a fearless UNFCKer, you've already demonstrated that there's something about yourself or your life that you want to change ... but we all know change can be hard (especially when you've tried a thousand times before - and failed #FML).

So, let's make it easy, by making it real.

By subscribing, you'll get to have two kickass conversations a month with Leanne, about things that are relevant, helpful and real. 

No bullshit advice that cuts to the chase and get's you out of your own way!

You'll get:

TWO x 45 minute webinars on the topic of the month*


TWO x 45 minute live kickass conversation sessions

Valued at $540

But you'll only pay $29 a month 

Which is a special, inaugural offer for UNFCK Yourself members.


After August 1st, rate will be $39 per month. 

Click the button to secure your special rate forever (and never pay more than $29 a month).


Some extra info for you, in case you're curious:

1. Webinars will be held fortnightly, immediately followed by an interactive, kickass conversation filled with bonus material, Q&A sesh and loads of gold that will help you make the difficult ... easy!

2. Webinars will be recorded so you can access them afterwards. 

3. Kickass conversation sessions will NOT be recorded, as your business is no one else's.

4. *Monthly topics will be decided by members.  You will be invited to submit your suggestions and we'll make sure we include them.  No topic is off limits (as long as it's legal).  

5. Payments will be deducted from your account once per month on the same day that you signed up.  For example, if you sign up on June 29th, your next payment will be July 29th. 

6. There is NO minimum subscription period.  You can cancel anytime. 

7. Our payment portal is secure and encrypted.  We do not gain access to your card details, nor are they stored on our system. 

8.  Kickass Conversations is a PRIVATE membership group for students of the UNFCK Yourself program.  Students do not need to have completed the program to be eligible to join.