Say farewell to phobias!

I have had extreme claustrophobia since I was a child (I'm now in my mid 50s) and would experience real panic in elevators or even in the back seats of vehicles. Watching people on TV in small spaces would make me feel like I couldn't breathe. 


A medical condition meant that I had to go for an MRI and it scared me beyond words. 

I was continually nauseous and I didn't sleep from the anxiety of just thinking about it.  Leanne was recommended to me so I went and saw her and I can't believe how easy it was. Within half an hour I couldn't even remember what the claustrophobia felt like, even when I tried to imagine myself in the MRI.  

I went for the MRI the following week and it was a walk in the park. Worth every cent! Thank you. I feel like I have my life back!


Regardless of whether your fear is around flying, dentists, spiders, heights, clowns, public speaking, snakes, needles, swimming or any of the other many crippling fears - you can now look forward to life without it!


So, Book your free 30 minute consult and let's get started!


I use fast, easy techniques to permanently substitute your mind's response to the situations that cause your panic response.  In fact you'll even struggle to recall what the fear felt like. 

Relax, I don't subject you to your fear at anytime during the session ... you are 100% safe!

Also, please don't feel embarrassed by your fear.  You have it for very real reasons and regardless of what causes it, I take it very seriously without any judgement whatsoever.

In the past I've coached loads of people with the more commonly

known phobias, but I've also supported people who've been brave

enough to share (and release) their phobias of wood (toothpicks,

wooden furniture etc), phobias around cows and I've even freed

a client from their phobia of feet.

So, if fear is holding you back Book your free 30 minute consult  now and bid it a fast farewell!