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And just like that, the anger was gone!

I had the privilege of working with a man today, a man's man. A man whose default state is ... or was anger.

A tradie who made it clear from the outset that he's not into talking about feelings. "That's good" I said, "because neither am I". I'm not a counsellor.

I don't "do" feelings in my sessions. We identify emotions, but we don't "talk about feelings". He seemed ok with that but still eyed me with a bit of trepidation.

This anger. It fuelled him, it ran him, it powered him but it was also destroying him.

But, today, he let it go.

He sat with me for the longest time afterwards, in silence, in the safe space.


He was calm, he was peaceful and when I asked him what was happening for him, he said, after a lot of puzzled looks and lost words, "my mind is quiet. Where has it all gone?"

Not wanting to lead him, or put words in his head, I asked "where has what gone?"

He shook his head and said "I don't know. Something has gone, I can't remember what it was."

I then took him back to a previous time when he got angry and it was so special to see him grapple. He said "I can remember all the times I got angry, I can see them, but I can't feel them. I have so much logic around them now."

He then began to cry and said, "that was someone else. I don't know him anymore."

I don't need to win lotto.

I have my clients.

That's enough.

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