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It's time to red card the dinosaurs

Budgets, boards and KPIs program today’s corporate GPS but you can still set the bar high, have huge expectations and demand excellent productivity without needing membership to the Third Reich.

Hands up how many of you have worked for a company or organisation that expected miracles from its personnel, yet the leadership left a lot to be desired.

One thing I find more and more prevalent these days is that corporates are training their leaders how to do their job but not how to do people. 

There has been a world-wide push to build, create and maintain safe workplaces and if you happen to cut a finger off in your line of work, suddenly there’s a queue of people and agencies ready to support, guide and rehabilitate you.

However, if you are a victim of workplace bullying, harassment or unfair treatment, the only things lining up to help it seems, are crickets.

Obviously, this is an opinion piece so I’m not going to tan every organisation with the same brush, thankfully, many are waking from their apathy slumber with incredible vigour and enthusiasm for creating meaningful and positive workplaces, but to those who still have ears full of sand from burying their heads, I say shame on you and suggest that it wont be long before you reap what you sow.

Communication. It’s a very big word that has the ability to skyrocket your corporate growth or cripple it, yet so often I see it passed off as just another one of those hippie buzzwords that belong in the mindset crisper with the kale and workplace yay days.

As a workplace translator, I shudder when I see some of the ways leaders interact with their staff. Whether it’s while I’m running a corporate workshop, grabbing supplies from the grocery store or even recalling past experiences. I often feel like adopting a referee uniform as my work attire complete with a whistle to call “time” and red card these offenders.

On the other hand though, what a delight it is to work with corporates who see their staff as their greatest asset and encourage them accordingly. Corporates who are less about the ego and more about creating the kind of workplace people dream of working in. 

The crazy thing though, is that it takes way less energy and considerably less financial investment to create this kind of a workplace. 

When you support your staff you don’t just have a dramatic reduction in conflict, you also see stress leave and coverage rates slashed, staff turnover slowing to a halt, people’s ability to deal with customers or clients without taking anything personally and best of all, happy staff that brag to their families, friends and wider community about what a kickass company they work for. 

That increase in positive reputation can’t be bought, but it can be earned, and so easily.

Having worked for a company that treated its employees like target practice was perhaps the greatest emotional battle I have ever faced. The absolute refusal by overarching leadership was nearly the death of me and I say with all honesty, that if I didn’t have the family and friends that I do, I don’t believe I would be here today.

What stunned me even more was how toothless the safety propaganda was on workplace bullying. 

Every week I received email newsletters quoting legislation and listing all the practices constituting bullying, yet when I spoke out, under the (false) impression that I’d have these safety agencies backing me, all I was met with was blank stares, shrugging shoulders and lengthy explanations about how their hands were tied.

The good that came out of this though is that I backed myself and fought til I won, then I dusted myself off and decided to study hard so I could help individuals and also step into the corporate arena and help intimidating, dinosaur-mindset managers become visionary leaders and stressed, nearly broken staff recover their purpose and passion.

Applause to those corporates investing in their employee’s mindset health and to those who are still choosing to look the other way, readjust your gaze, realise that you don’t need to do it alone, but that you do need to do it.

Before it’s too late. 

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