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Letting go!

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

As the young boy approached adulthood his father took him aside and said "Son, I am tying these weights to your arms so your muscles will grow strong before you take your rightful place.”

The boy was confused, but also a little excited as he knew he was being given an important responsibility. He asked “Why do I need to have strong muscles Father?”

The older man guided his son to a large hole in the ground that was as wide and long as he could see. He could not see the other side.

The young man looked down inside the hole but could see no bottom to it.

Beside them, was another man, his arms were huge, his muscles were massive, his strength was phenomenal. In his calloused hands he held the end of a rope. It had torn at his skin but still he held firm, putting all his weight onto pulling the rope and not budging an inch.

Looking at the warrior holding the rope, the young man said, “Father, what is holding the other end of the rope? Who is this man competing with?

His father pointed to the man and explained “he is fighting the past and if he loses the fight he will be dragged into this bottomless hole and become a prisoner of it for all time” the older man said with pride. This man is strong, he knows that his past cannot beat him, he uses this to power him and he grows stronger every day.”

The young boy said he understood and went back to his village and untied the weights that were anchored to his arms. The older man was horrified and as his face darkened, he ordered his young son to honour the generations before him and make preparations to take his rightful place at the dark crevasse.

The boy, not wanting to disappoint his father, complied and began his training.

Many years later, as his father grew too old to carry on his share of the duty, he summoned his son and handed him the rope.

“My son, you have grown stronger while I have grown weaker, it is now time for you to join your ancestors and take up the fight.” He then handed his son the end of the rope.

The young boy released his grip and the rope fell to the ground and was dragged back into the gaping crevasse.

His father wailed “Boy! What have you done?”

The young boy thought for a moment and shared, “Father, I am happy to leave the past alone and for it to exist. It only has power over us while we hold onto it.”

He continued, “by releasing the rope I don’t change the past, but I change the power it has over me and my life. It is still there but, by releasing the rope I can no longer be drawn into the crevasse. I can simply leave it be and choose who I want to be and how I spend my life.”

Just as this boy did, we get to determine how much of a hold our past has over us.

It’s time to let go of your rope and set yourself free.

Release it today!

I’ll show you how.

Leanne Shaw

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