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So you tried hypnosis and it didn't work? Here's why!

You're in control of your mind at ALL times so the reality is that no one hypnotises you ... you hypnotise yourself. A hypnotherapist is like a tour guide to your unconscious mind. We take you to some incredible destinations, but you're the one who decides if you get off the bus there. No, you're not doing anything wrong, it's possibly just that this process wasn't explained enough to you so the experience you had wasn't an authentic one.

Ensure you have engaged a skilled hypnotherapist If your hypnotherapist charged a fee and then delivered a hypnosis script to you without a full consultation then, this may be a reason you didn't achieve success. Hypnosis is not about one person "doing hypnosis on you", it's about a skilled person getting to know what YOU see as success. What life will be like once you achieve it, learning why you want it and when you want it. You see, hypnosis is about embedding a new way of being via commands into your unconscious mind. BUT, unless those commands are delivered in YOUR language, with YOUR visions and YOUR exact goals and YOUR exact challenges ... your unconscious mind will really enjoy the relaxation of hypnosis, but it may as well be in Spanish. That's why I do hypnosis "with" you. I don't do it "to" you. Without your mind driving the process it's just a scenic route that is enjoyable but doesn't really get you anywhere. (My opinion only though.)

Make sure the 'script' is written for your mind, BY your mind! Have you ever had a friend come to you, bursting with an incredible idea they've had and you find yourself less than enthused or feeling like you need to manufacture excitement? Well, hypnosis works in the exact same way. A one-size-fits-all script is like that idea - unless it's in YOUR language and paints the exact picture of what you want to achieve, it's going to seem like a good idea, but won't engage your mind fully. If you have a picture in your mind of what success looks like, I want to use THAT exact picture because it's one that you already identify with. If I embed a goal or end result that aligns with my values, but not yours, then your mind will regard it, take on board some of it but ultimately it'll view it is a suggestion and you'll revert back to your original way of being. Our minds work in images - not emotions, not words etc. Sure it'll receive the words, emotions etc but it'll always convert those to an image in order to be able to process it - think about the last time you read a book - you see the words but you could also visualise what you were reading about - because that's how your mind processes information. So, it'd be daft (in my opinion) to use anything BUT what you've already designed as perfection. Why re-invent the wheel. You know you best ... it's like having inside information.

Does hypnosis work for everyone? Short answer is yes, if you want it to. BUT, if you're undergoing hypnosis because someone else wants you to do it, or if your doctor told you that you need to change your ways then no, it may not have the full success you're hoping for. You need to want it for yourself. I can't want it for you and if you aren't quite there yet, then I'll end our session and reschedule once it's what you want, and when you're ready to proceed ... because ultimately, yes, I'm the hypnotherapist, but you're the one in control.

How will I feel when I'm hypnotised? You may not feel much difference between a hypnotised state and an awake state. You'll just be very relaxed, similar to when you are in bed and just about to drift off to sleep. Some people feel relaxed and lethargic, others feel a lightness. You are in full control at all times though and will have the ability to end a session early if you decide to do so. It is NOT possible to get "stuck" in hypnosis. You will also hear and remember everything that is said during your session and you'll also notice the incredible change in your behaviour afterwards.

How will I be able to tell if it worked? You will know instantly. I'll ask you some future-paced questions and your sensory acuity (body and facial language) will confirm the success of the session. You can't 'fake' these cues. You'll be surprised at how definite you will feel about your new way of being. For many people who choose hypnosis to help them quit smoking, they'll struggle to remember what craving cigarettes felt like because it's almost as though they were never a smoker. For most, there will be some thoughts about having a cigarette but they'll quickly self-correct and the thought will pass. The same works for people who come to address food cravings and other ways of being that are not conducive with a healthy lifestyle. Clients who undergo hypnosis to improve their sporting performance, mindset or other issues will also feel profound change at a very deep "auto pilot" level.

I want to use hypnosis to quit smoking, what guarantees do you offer? Well, let's get one thing straight - you are in control at all times and if quitting is something you really want, you'll be totally successful. But, to show how confident I am in the program, I offer free ongoing support until you are completely free of the habit. This is not a free service to prop you up though, this guarantee is for people who are serious about quitting. As long as you contact me BEFORE you have a cigarette (after hypnosis), I'll be there for you 100% totally free of charge for as long as it takes. But, if you call me after you've had a cigarette, I can still offer you the support but it will incur a fee. Don't worry though, I've never had to charge anyone :-)

Can you make me quack like a duck or sing like Elvis? Well, if that's on your bucket list then sure ... but for purely entertainment purposes you may prefer to find a stage hypnotist. Another fun fact - under hypnosis you cannot (and will not) be made to do anything that you wouldn't normally be happy to do. All those people you've seen do weird things in a stage hypnosis show would be totally cool with doing the same thing after a few drinks (or even totally sober). The reason why it LOOKS like they're being controlled is because everyone in the audience would probably not be comfortable doing those things so they assume the people on stage are the same, and are, therefore, being controlled. But nope ... they're willing participants. I'm not into stage hypnosis though and it's not something I offer.

Get curious about what hypnotherapy can do for you and let's start the journey towards, deep and profoundly positive change. Reach out ... let's chat!

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