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No longer a slave to anxiety

I want to share something really special that happened this week, and how one of my clients released her anxiety.

But first, have you ever noticed how when you get angry, hurt, scared or anxious it always happens the same way? It's like some switch in your head gets flipped and you're almost powerless to stop it?

Well, the reason for that is because we don't have extra information, or clarity to wrap around the situation so we respond with emotion instead. Every damned time!

So, what if you could install that extra information, that clarity in a way that changes how you respond? Without having to think about it, practice it or talk yourself out of it, but just install a new way of seeing (and reacting) to these things?

Whether it's the red light that's making you late, the kids who are screaming, the regret you can't shake off, the brush off you get from a partner, the fear around walking into a room full of strangers ... what if you could install a different way of being? A new normal?

Well, I get to see this happen a lot, but I want to share the experience one particular client had today.

Let's call her Zelda, for she too, was also a warrior.

So Zelda has battled with anxiety for as long as she can remember. Walking into a room full of strangers or doing something unfamiliar would make her feel sick and she would struggle to stay, but in most cases would want to just leave.

If she did manage to stay, she'd retreat and hold herself back because if she got noticed or felt like she had attention on her, she'd feel judged and out of place. She was, in her words, the black sheep.

So today, as part of her Fast Track to Freedom package, we did a technique together called Time Line Therapy® that allowed us to find the very, very first time she ever felt a particular emotion such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt or guilt and, to put it simply, uninstall it.

The reason we revisit that root cause, is because it was in that moment that we chose to react with emotion rather than with logic, and in turn, this sets in motion a chain reaction of emotional responses every time we're faced with a challenge. It becomes our auto pilot. Our switch. Our trigger.

This story relates to Zelda's release of fear.

Now, this process, (which can only be done with a registered Time Line Therapy® practitioner), can create profound change going forward.

It utilises active imagination - why? Well because, even when you make things up, those things need to come from somewhere ... welcome to your unconscious mind.

This is the part of you that keeps your temperature constant, your blood flowing through your veins, your heart beating, your kidneys filtering and your taste buds watering when you see an ice-cream ad on TV. It runs you! And it knows EVERYTHING about you, where you've been and why you do what you do.

Anyway, back to Zelda.

Strap yourself in, this is about to get weird.

During the Time Line Therapy® process, a process I guide you though, you get to revisit that exact moment you felt an emotion for the first time. In this case fear.

This can be before, during or after our birth.

Her mind took her straight to the event.You know where she went?

She went back 14 lifetimes ago.

Instantly she knew.

She was a slave.

She felt the fear in that event so I moved her away from it so she could have a full experience of it from a place of safety and free of emotion.

As an observer she was able to get the clarity she never had back then and learn what it was that she needed to learn so that in future times of fear or anxiety, she'd respond with this new understanding instead of the emotion. She got to add more information to her neurology, so that this new clarity becomes her new normal.

After the process ended, she said that it was so real, but the part that really affected her was that she had a profound physical sensation of the fear leaving her body.

"I could actually feel it leave", she said. "I can't explain it, it was like a huge release of energy, I actually felt it rise and leave."

Then, when we went back and revisited those situations that previously evoked a strong fearful or anxious response, she couldn't feel it. The fear was gone. It was just a room full of people. There was no story about what that meant. She was calm and she was totally ok.

So, don't ever doubt your power for a second. If you had any idea of how powerful you really are, you'd be in awe of yourself.

The unconscious mind is my workplace and I'm the happiest worker. 🙌

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