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The day I divorced my anger.

I'd like to introduce you to a deadset legend.

Just two sessions ago, this amazing man, let's call him Thor, was totally broken. He could see no way forward and felt suffocated by judgement, rejection and the belief that the people he loves deserve so much more than what he could ever give them.

Anger fuelled him and controlling the overwhelming desire to punch people and get in their faces was an hourly battle.

"I was just always so f*cking angry! I felt like I just wanted to punch everything. I couldn't control my emotions and was always on the edge of tears. No one was listening to me, I was treated like an idiot and I felt like I had no one in my corner.

Everything got on top of me, I took everything personally, felt like everyone was having a go! I snapped easily and I know people were looking at me thinking what's your f*cking problem?

I wasn't a nice person. I just wanted to be normal."

Now, just two sessions into his Fastrack to Freedom Breakthrough process, he can't find his anger ...


He can't stop smiling and he is so in love with his beautiful wife. He's excited by her and by every single day.

Nothing triggers him and life has done a full 180.

The comments he's getting now include:

- Wow, you're so relaxed. - You're so happy! - Who the f*uck are you? You're so different! - You must be on some seriously good drugs!

So, if you resonate with old Thor and want to be like the new Thor, then do what he did. Book your FREE 30 minute consult (like he did) and let me show you what your Rebooted life will look like - sooner than you think.

What have you got to lose?

(Other than anger, aggression, fear, stress ....)

(Note: I don't make it a habit to share client stories unless they are keen to share them. My office is a safe space and it can just be you, me and my plant, Clive who share this journey with you.)

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