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The day we DELETED claustrophobia!

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Imagine the crippling anxiety you'd feel if you had an extreme case of claustrophobia and you had to go for a test in an MRI tunnel ... then, imagine how you'd feel to have that claustrophobia deleted within minutes and actually find yourself looking forward to your MRI ... AND LIFE!!!

Well that's the exact experience one of our clients had last week.

She came to us with obvious anxiety at the thought of being in the MRI machine, she was struggling to breathe and was in obvious distress at the mere thought of it. Our client, now in her 50's resembled a piece of paper folding up on itself and she began to cry while she conveyed how claustrophobia had gripped her since she was a small child.

Her fear of small spaces had a huge impact on her life. She was unable to use an elevator without suffering extreme anxiety and wishing she could scream at other people in the lift to stop breathing as they were using all of her air. Sadly though she never shared this with anyone as she was too embarrassed to explain why she wanted to use the stairs so she suffered in brutal, lonely silence.

So profound was her anxiety that, when she was a passenger in a car she had to have the front seat as being in the back would trigger a panic attack of various proportions (depending on the vehicle). Never able to bring herself to share her phobia, if the front seat wasn't organically offered, she would either decline the trip or force herself to endure the back seat with cold, hard panic as her companion.

Even seeing people entering small spaces on TV was enough to have her fighting for breath and feeling a pronounced state of fear grip her.

So ... the thought of the MRI she was due to have in a week was giving her sleepless nights and mentally consuming her days. It also stopped her from eating due to a continual feeling of nausea in the lead up to her appointment.

Well, that's all a thing of the past now!

Thanks to an NLP technique, within 30 minutes our lovely client couldn't even recall what that fear felt like when I asked her to describe it to me again. She thought about it, but nope, it was gone! We even tried to return her to a state of anxiety by getting her to imagine herself in an elevator, the back seat of a two-door vehicle and also the MRI machine - all to no avail. The phobia had been completely deleted!

We phoned her the day after her MRI and she told us that she sailed through it with flying colours. No anxiety and feeling completely relaxed and calm. In fact, she even laughed and said that when she got into the MRI tunnel she snorted to herself and thought wow, was that it? She couldn't believe she'd been so terrified of something that seemed so mundane to her now.

You see that's the great thing about phobias, you learned them in an instant, so you can also release them just as quick ... with the right support.

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