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The virus killing your workplace!

Everyone's talking about Coronavirus, but what about the pandemic that's already running rampant in your workplace that you're turning a blind eye to?

Think covert workplace bullying is hardly on the same level? Wrong! It costs businesses worldwide trillions of dollars every year, but somehow it's become the new normal.

According to Lifeline, eight Australians take their life each day, and for every person who succeeds, there are another 30 who make an attempt. There is a staggering 85,980 people in this country trying to take their lives each year.

It is the most common cause of death in Australians aged 15 - 44, in fact, it claims more lives than car accidents or melanoma.

A massive 20 per cent of suicides are linked to work. Read that again!

Sure, we can't change things on a global level (yet), but within your workplace world you can make huge leaps and bounds towards inoculating your staff against this virus and the vaccine they need is ACTION!

So, if this hits a nerve and makes you think I'm full of the proverbial, good! Take action to prove me wrong. Run an impartial, objective mental well-being health check in your workplace and see what the resilience antibodies come back at.

If you're not sure how to do that. Let's connect and I'll do it for you.

No blame, no finger pointing, no persecution, but simply diagnosing and solving.

No masking required!

Be the change!

Leanne Shaw - Reboot Mindset Coaching

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