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Three things that changed my life

If you think that manifesting is a pile of woo woo rubbish, then you’re no orphan.

That was my philosophy too some years ago when I was stuck on the hamster wheel of life, more focused on making sausage rolls for my pity party than in actually getting over myself and comprehending that I held the GPS to my own life.

Let’s back up a bit though.

After a traumatic experience, I spiralled out of control emotionally and really struggled to get my shit together. No matter what I did, things got worse and for every five steps forward, I seemed to take 35 backwards.

As a victim of sexual abuse on three different occasions from a young age, I was grappling with the belief that I wasn't worth protecting and this set the scene for a self-destructive few decades.

My marriage dissolved and my ex took off to America to be with a woman he'd met online, choosing to abandon his three incredible daughters in favour of hers. It wasn't until after he left the country that I realised I had more than $48,000 worth of debt in my name that I had no idea existed.

This was thanks to the old days of being able to take bank loan and credit card applications home to get partners to sign - or in this case, make it look like they had signed. It wasn't until I had a bloke show up to repossess my car, the one we had paid for in cash, or so I thought, that I learned of the debt I had inherited.

Not long after that, only when the bank threatened to foreclose on the house I shared with my young daughters, I learned that the mortgage payments he was paying in lieu of child support had never been honoured.

I also discovered I was the owner of two credit cards that had been maxed out - yep, also in my name.

I was a sole parent and as he had left the country, the financial institutions focussed solely on me for the recovery of their money. I could have fought it in the courts, but I didn't want my children seeing that and besides, I had Anglicare graciously buying my groceries at that stage, so legal bills were just not an option.

I struck up agreements with all the lenders and proceeded to chip away at the debt for the next decade, and needing to wait a few more years after that for any semblance of a credit rating to be restored.

It was exhausting.

Thankfully, I had no issue finding work, however I was always chasing my tail.

Just as I began to get my head above water, I was sucker punched emotionally by horrific workplace bullying that, I know, if I didn't have children, I wouldn't be here today.

I had nothing left, emotionally, financially or physically.

I was on autopilot. Every day was shit, only the depth of it varied.

I knew that my breaking point was a matter of days away so my amazing daughters, sensing this, surprised me with a few days away in a remote cabin down south. It was in the bush, away from everything, off the grid and the only company I had was the serenading magpies and kookaburras.

I grabbed it gratefully and decided that this would be my turning point, my time to put my broken pieces back together.

Only problem was, I had no idea what to turn towards, so, before I left, I went into one of the local bookshops and told them I was heading away for three days of mindset transformation and asked them to recommend two books that would start me on my journey.

They gave me one book that was light-hearted and one that was a step-by-step guide on how to grab life by the balls and make it your own.

I read both books together. Digging deep into the big kahuna guide to living, with sojourns into the lighter book when my neural pathways needed a breather.

So what were the books?

The light hearted one was The Dalai Lama’s Cat … a delightful glimpse into the inner sanctum of spiritual life and the secrets of achieving happiness in the simplest of ways. It was a a fantastic resource to start my journey with and was full of subconscious metaphors that my positive-starved mind lapped up. Who knew that reading a story, from a cat’s point of view could prove so illuminating? If you'd like to check it out, you can read the first chapter here.

The second book, was Esther and Jerry Hicks’, Ask and it is Given – Learning to Manifest Your Desires.

This was my leap of faith co-pilot and what a gift it was to my life.

It is, without doubt, the number one resource to pack if you're taking your own quest into personal transformation. If you'd like to get this gem for yourself, here's a list of suppliers

Those three days away were, without doubt the crossroads of my life and I hold both books and that bookstore my phenomenal daughters for delivering me exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.

Armed with all this new insight, I decided to fully commit to making my life better, on MY terms and embrace the third tool in my better life arsenal. Vision boarding.

I had heard about vision boards but I thought they were a bit of hippy yaya … and now I know why. It’s because I was looking at them all wrong.

They are NOT colourful collages that serve as a reminder for what I couldn’t have – as I had so thought, but they were, perhaps one of the most powerful tools in my manifesting arsenal.

I bought books on vision boarding, I went to workshops, I studied manifestation and devoted months to learning everything I could about how to turn a board full of pictures into an energetic forecast of what was to come.

Then I got to work, following a formula I assembled from all the advice I had collected from the world’s best visionaries – and created a vision board that not only exceeded all my expectations, but also transformed my life into one I had only ever dreamed about.

In ONE year, I manifested a new car, a new job AND the love of my life after 16 years of vowing never to trust again. And just another six months after that, I manifested the new house I had only ever thought existed in my wishful thinking.

I now love teaching this formula to other people who just can’t seem to catch a break and have all but given up on having a different life.

People who never, ever think it’ll happen for them.

People who feel they’re simply not worthy of their wildest dreams.

Well, I’m here to say that you ARE worthy (even if you don’t feel that you are).

That’s the great thing about manifesting. It works whether you believe it or not. And ironically, those who don’t believe in it are already professional manifesters … navigating a minefield of circumstances they don’t want.

Just imagine the magic that’ll happen when you use your power FOR your life instead of against it.

If you’d like to embrace life instead of always fighting it, join me for my Four-Hour Vision Boarding Masterclass - Create a Kickass Life, happening on Saturday 20th February 2021.

This Masterclass, built with all the tools I've learned, is for you if you want to attract:

- Better relationships;

- Your dream house;

- Unlimited financial abundance;

- Better health;

- The body of your dreams;

- A new, exciting career path ;

- More travel;

- That thing you've almost given up on having; or

- Or a combination of all these things.

Your workshop includes:

- Your blank vision board;

- ALL materials;

- Vision boarding process and prompts;

- Clarity on what you really want;

- Space and time to create;

- Powerful visualisation to activate your intentions;

- A selection of Teas, coffee and water;

- A delicious, gourmet lunch (if you choose this package);

- The amazing company of like-minded manifesters; and

- All the steps you need to raise your manifesting frequency and success NOW ... and all year long.

Click here for all the details and tickets.

And before you entertain that voice in your head right there that’s telling you that it’ll never happen for you, or the one heaving a mocking “yeah right” … ask yourself.

What am I manifesting right here in this moment?

Leanne Shaw

Kickass Coach - Reboot Mindset Coaching

Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®

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