No more butts!

        I've tried hypnosis for smoking before and quit for a while but always got back on the fags in a weak moment.  Normally I go and they do hypnosis and that's it, but with Leanne it was different.  She really rode my ass and made it clear that I was in charge of the results, she was just the "tour guide for my mind". Love that!  😂 Anyway, four months on and all good. Don't even miss them.  Love the extra cash I've got so it was well worth the money. Thanks.

Let's work it out!

2 packs of smokes a week = $70 (at least!)

52 weeks of smoking = $3,640

5 years of smoking = $18,200

Cost of quitting = $495

Getting your health back ... priceless!

Can you afford NOT to do it?

(Payment options available)


So, Book your FREE 30 Minute consult  and let's get started!

Think you're addicted to smoking?  It's just a story you tell yourself!  Let's re-write it!


So, here's how it works...

During our sessions, I get to know you better, understand your reasons for quitting and what life will look life for you once you do.  We'll explore your smoking habit at a greater depth, uncovering the emotional drivers that keep you wanting to smoke and understanding what smoking gives you.  

This information will allow me to create an incredibly accurate map of your inner core beliefs and values around smoking which, in turn gives me all the information I need to create a super powerful hypnotherapy session tailored only for you and your deep unconscious mind. 

So, Book your FREE 30 minute consult  and let's get started!

You see, hypnotherapy is only successful (long-term) if it's in YOUR language.  Sure, I could send you into a relaxing state of trance and talk about all the great reasons for giving up but, unless they're YOUR reasons, your mind will enjoy the relaxation and possibly switch off the cravings for a few days, but ultimately, for better success ... I need to speak your language. 

By the way, in case you're wondering:

NO you can't get stuck in hypnosis.

YES everyone can be hypnotised (in fact you do it to yourself every day).

NO I do not (and never) have control over your mind - that's your job!

YES you will remember everything.

NO I won't make you quack like a duck (unless you ask me to lol).

YES it is completely safe and I am fully accredited and qualified. 

So, are you ready to kick the habit?  Good!  Book FREE 30 minute consult and let's get started!

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