FREE 30 Minute Consult  

Let's catch-up and have a chat about where you are now, where you want to be .. and the fastest way to get you there!

I'll also share how we'll do it and the success other clients have had who used to experience the same issue (without sharing names of course).


I Hour Mindset Reboot Session - $180 

Let's get this party started! Grab this appointment and let's get to work slaying anxiety, phobias, anger and clearing those confidence obstacles that are in your way.

Fast Track to Freedom, Full Personal Breakthrough Package

(6 x 2 Hour sessions) 

$1799 (discounted rate - paid up front)

or $1999 (regular rate - payment plan).

The big kahuna!  This is the package to book if you want to achieve life changing transformation at a deep, blueprint level.  This will deliver freedom from anxiety, sky-high self-worth, natural confidence, freedom from trauma, release of repressed emotions (anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt),  increased focus and memory, full phobia release and we'll even reverse the limiting beliefs you have about yourself.  (Dates are flexible and will work within your other commitments). 



Kickass Corporate Coaching

$275 per hour 

As a business owner or manager, it's important that you motivate your staff to perform

at maximum output.  You don't do this by being a tyrant - you do it by empowering

your staff and aligning your values with theirs.  Corporate coaching is a powerful

way to increase performance, motivation and morale.