I can't believe how easy this was. 

It's like I'm married to a whole new person. 

It's like I'M a whole new person. 

This shit has been derailing me for decades and I had no idea. This has changed EVERY relationship I have, not just the one with my wife. I'm a better boss, a better friend, a better parent.  Seriously worth ten times what we paid. 

A.C. Busselton

Pissed off at your partner?
Feel like you're not important?
Lost the ability to communicate?
Trying to work out when it all turned to shit?
Wondering whether to stick it out, or just cut your losses and leave?

You want to do something about it, but you don't know what to do.
Or how to even convince your partner to even be a part of it. 


No one chooses to fall out of love with their partner, but let's face it, sometimes life just gets in the way and before you know it, you're disconnected and you have no idea how to find your way back.


You want to laugh, love and make amazing plans for the future.


But what do you do and how do you do it?


It's just all too hard. 

Well, what if I told you it's not?

Here at Reboot Mindset Coaching, we are about giving you no bullshit support, in real speak without any fluffiness. 

We'd love to work with you if you're:
A bit fucked up;
A bit fucked off; or
A bit fucking over it!


Your Relationship Reboot WILL Be:


(without any fluffy talk about feelings)



This is a joint session where we'll work out your definitions of an amazing, fulfilling relationship.

(AKA the one we're going to create.)


Magic happens here! You'll both get two private sessions with Leanne that'll help you grow into an epic human being.

(... and a pretty epic partner too!)


In this joint session we'll put it all together and create a formula that will help you continue to connect, build and grow.


What would it be worth to repair your relationship?
It would be PRICELESS!

(But will only cost $1495)
What will it cost you if you don't?


Like to know more? 

Prefer to dive right in?

- Available in-person or online

- Sessions are booked individually

- Each of the 6 sessions are 1 hour long

- Payment by cash or card at first session

Nothing had really changed between us, we'd just lost sight of why we loved each other. We were bored and completely unfulfilled.  Our sessions with Leanne were amazing.  She gave us the insight to know why we felt that way without any judgement at all and best of all, some really easy ways to change it.  I seriously can't believe how such simple little tasks could take us from ready to divorce, to actually really connecting again.

PP - Collie

We have been unhappy for over a decade, and we were ready to call it quits, but figured we'd give this a shot. Leanne has a way about her. She taught us how to communicate and love each other again. So different to counselling!  L&J - Yokine