Feeling lonely in your relationships?

It was like I woke up one morning "out of love" for my partner. Nothing had really changed between us, we'd just lost sight of why we loved each other. We were bored and completely unfulfilled.  We were both ready to call it quits.


Our sessions with Leanne were amazing.  She gave us the insight to know why we felt that way and in no time at all our flame was burning again, twice as bright.  So different from (but much better than) counselling.

Relationships are tricky things aren't they?  


I have so many clients tell me that they've had people in their lives for over 20 years but they still just don't "get" them.  

Our Relationship Reconnect Package does away with the band aids and heals both of you at a deep, blueprint level so that you not only heal your relationship,

but you also heal yourselves!

So, Book your free 30 minute consult  and let's get started!

The package consists of six, two-hour sessions.

The first and last are together, plus you'll both have two sessions each individually.

(These individual sessions are 100% confidential. If you want to share your experience

with your partner, that's your call, but I will not divulge anything we share.)


NOTE:  This is NOT relationship counselling.

There is NO right or wrong.

It's NOT about deciding who is at fault and who needs to change. 

It's about being the absolute best person you can be so you can live your absolute best life possible

It's about realising that unless we heal ourselves, we cannot heal our relationships.  

Added bonus: Although you are selecting this process to heal your relationship, you'll notice a positive shift across ALL your relationships, both personal and professional. 

It's  never to late to turn things around ... Book your free 30 minute consult and let's get started.  

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