It's time to call a truce with yourself!

Just what I needed to make that strong inner voice start shouting again.

Oh and the other inner voice shut up! Thanks Leanne.


Self-sabotage occurs when you are at war within yourself.  

Call a ceasefire, Book your free 30 minute consult and let's get started.  

One part of you wants one thing, but there's another part of your personality that is getting some kind of secondary gain from the opposite behaviour. 

Let's take the example of a person who is committed to losing weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle.  there's a part of them that wants the benefits this would bring and they have a clear direction they need to travel within to achieve it.  It's straightforward and clear. 

However, there's another part that steps in and turns it all to shit!  

But, instead of just giving up and retreating into that familiar territory of self-loathing, negative emotions or feelings of failure, let's get curious about what this "evil" side is getting out of it.  And no, it's not simply getting the ice-cream or the chips ... on a much deeper level, it's getting proof that the limiting beliefs you have are in charge.  

Well, it's time to take back control!  Let me guide you on this journey and

I'll show you how to drop your weapons, stop treating yourself as the

enemy and bring every part of you onto the same side.

So, take a deep breath ... Book your free 30 minute consult  

and make friends with yourself again.