There's nothing worse than feeling like you're always the one having to keep the
peace, put up with crap or feel at war with yourself ... so I am RAPT that you are ready to suckerpunch that self-doubt, right in the ghoulies!!!  KAPOW!!! 

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I have not created an index of questions and when they feature in the video because the session is organic and each answer builds on the next. 


If you skip to a specific question, you'll miss out on the mindset tools that came before it.  There is some pretty meaty stuff in here and I know you want to soak it all up, even if it means watching it in bits. 

Here's the replay of the live session.  
Thank you to those of you who shared the space with me live and also to the 40+
of you who were unable to make it, but asked for the recording. 

Dreaded Drama Cycle 

The Dreaded Drama Cycle is the annihilator of relationships, workplaces and personal success. One of the best ways to step free of this cycle is to simply become aware of the roles you're playing.  (You'll also start to see the roles those around you are playing too.)

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BTW - If you're interested in taking a super deep dive with me into the Dreaded Drama Cycle and getting a step-by-step 'how to' on using it's antidote - The Empowerment Dynamic to free you from shitty thoughts and negative cycles, then this is for you!

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