I feel like I have freaking super powers!  I lead a large team of people and many of them are a law unto themselves.  I have been ready to quit so many times because nothing I do seems to work. All that has changed now.  Leanne has taught me so much and not one single person triggers me now - not even my husband! (And that's saying something!)  I feel like I am a much better leader and I can even say I'm passing these skills on to others.  It's like the light has been turned on.  Can't believe the difference.  The ripple effect through my work and life is unbelievable.   

NW - Perth

I attended one of Leanne's workshops. Not only did I learn about myself and the way my brain works but it was also FUN! Leanne is a fabulous presenter that keeps everybody engaged and I don't think anyone left without a plan to

move forward. Thank you for the tools Leanne!

Carly. D - Bunbury

Leanne is one of those true finds in life, she has that rare ability to cut to the chase and to identify any stories that we tell ourselves. Leanne was a keynote speaker at one of our ladies events and not only did she personally connect with each and every participant, she wowed everyone with her no BS but empathetic style. I'd highly recommend Leanne to anyone who is seeking a mentor, coach or sounding board with regards to our thoughts, minds and emotions.

Leanne is a powerhouse of information, but she's also walked the walk. Thanks Leanne.

Lorraine G. Perth

I used to go home every day feeling totally exhausted from dealing with people who spent all day pushing my buttons. This workshop was brilliant and taught me how to stop taking things personally. Work is so much easier now that I've learned how to respond instead of react. It's had a positive impact on my partner's and my relationship too.  

Lisa. S - South West WA


I loved it! Such a safe, non-judgemental space to shift the negative and become a fu*ken badass in life!

Nelle. R - Donnybrook


Thanks for your support Leanne. For the first time in years I am setting boundaries at work and no longer feel like I have a target on my back. 

Laurie. H - Bunbury


Leanne is truly authentic and sincere. If you are looking to unlock your full potential, and understand the beliefs that are holding you back, Leanne's knowledge, passion and straight forward approach will have you seeing results in no time. She is honestly a breath of fresh air and someone I recommend in the highest regard.  

Rosemary. H - Perth


You are worth your weight in gold seriously you have no idea how much you have helped me. So appreciate you Leanne, thank you. 

Tanya. A - Collie


Leanne is results focused and has a great understanding of the human mind and changing behaviour. Leanne's experience and dedication to results is what makes her a stand out choice for anyone looking for a coach to

improve their communication, self worth or focus. Highly recommend Leanne. 

Justin. O - Bunbury


Recently I had a session with Leanne. It was amazing! I have had many profound healings before but this session really was a journey to remember.  By listening to my conversation Leanne mapped out my negative belief then chauffeured me back to the core of this limiting creation and proceeded to reroute a more positive belief.  Leanne's enthusiasm is fuelled by her passion to help people build confidence in themselves. Fear, anxiety and self doubt are the stop signs in our life, Reboot is the green light to keep you moving forward. Thank you Leanne for your expertise, your caring nature and for the zing you have put in my step. I can now coast along happily knowing my 'commitment phobic' tendency won't be in the drivers seat when my future relationship arrives. 

CD - Bunbury

Leanne has helped my daughter with her anxiety like no one else has been able....and she did it in one session!!!! I could not recommend her enough. 

E.S - Busselton 

Just what I needed to make that inner voice start shouting again. Oh and the other inner voice shut up! Thanks Leanne.

AL - Australind 

I've spent more than $10K on counselling, but I haven't been able to release the issues I've been carrying for over 50 years ... until I met Leanne.  I started as an emotional, angry, grief-stricken neurotic mess fuelled by anxiety and fear, but now I'm free!! I feel a joy I never thought would be mine to feel. I can honestly say that being coached by Leanne is the best thing I have ever done! 

KH - Australind

I've tried hypnosis for smoking before and quit for a while but always got back on the fags in a weak moment.  Normally I go and they do hypnosis and that's it, but with Leanne it was different.  She really rode my ass and made it clear that I was in charge of the results, she was just the "tour guide for my mind". Love that!  😂 Anyway, four months on and all good. Don't even miss them.  Love the extra cash I've got so it was well worth the money. Thanks.

LK - Bunbury

Wow!!! NLP is amazing! Leanne has helped me find the tools within myself. Leanne is so lovely and I felt so comfortable. I can’t recommend NLP freedom and Leanne enough. If you need any help in any part of your life, here is your answer!

BN - Bunbury


I've tried every diet under the sun and have lost thousands on gym memberships I've never been committed enough to use.  I start out great guns but within a week or two I'm back to my old way and feeling 100 times worse and useless. 

I signed up for one of Leanne's breakthrough packages and it changed my life.  I don't even have the word to describe it but she was actually able to regress me and help me pinpoint the exact moment, as a baby, that I made the unconscious decision to be fat.  She then guided me back to that time and we changed that decision.  It's like a switch has been turned off.  I can't believe how easy it is to be healthy now.  It's like my body and mind are on the same side, finally!

LH - Harvey

After my session with Leanne I realised that the accumulation of 'stuff' that I needed to heal was greater than I thought.  My experience with her felt very cleansing and I can't recommend it enough for anyone wanting to improve their emotional well-being.  Leanne is so passionate about what she does and that is what you want from a practitioner who is going to help you.  Give it a try, you won't regret it!

​AA - Mandurah 

It was like I woke up one morning "out of love" for my partner. Nothing had really changed between us, we'd just lost sight of why we loved each other. We were bored and completely unfulfilled.  Our sessions with Leanne were amazing.  She gave us the insight to know why we felt that way and in no time at all our flame was burning again, twice as bright.  So different from (but much better than) counselling.

PP - Collie

I had a real awakening coming to your workshop. I realised how unhappy I felt was related to my opinion of myself. It was a light bulb moment. Since I came home that night my thoughts were totally different. I am more settled and actually really happy. Thank you for what ever it was you said that made such an impact.

NW - Harvey 

Wasn't too sure what to expect when I went to see Leanne because, as a typical bloke I'm not very comfortable talking about feelings and that kind of thing. It was actually really good, very different to what I was expecting.  I didn't need to talk about feelings at all, we just had general conversation and Leanne asked a few questions and she picked it all up from that. It was a huge relief. She's definitely easy to talk to and I am very happy with the results.

TP - Busselton

My daughter has been struggling for a while to feel confident in going different places and having major meltdowns about getting dressed & leaving the house. One visit to Leanne has changed all of that! We have our happy, smiley, confident daughter back & it feels great! We are all grateful 😍 Thank you Leanne.

JM - Australind 

I'm in my 50's and have had extreme claustrophobia since I was a child and would experience real panic in elevators or even in the back seats of vehicles.  Watching people on TV in small spaces would even make me feel like I couldn't breathe.  A medical condition meant that I had to go for an MRI and it scared me beyond words.  I was continually nauseous and I didn't sleep from the anxiety of just thinking about it.  Leanne was recommended to me so I went and saw her and I can't believe how easy it was.   Within half an hour I couldn't even remember what the claustrophobia felt like, even when I tried to imagine myself in the MRI.  

I went for the MRI the following week and it was a walk in the park.  I even laughed when I got into it and thought is that it?  Worth every cent! Thank you. I feel like I have my life back!

AG - Bunbury 

I can not recommend Leanne enough she is just amazing if you have anxiety/depression or a phobia of anything she can fix and gives you such great understanding such a professional who makes you feel that you're not alone. Thank you so much.

EG - Australind 

Went in with an extreme phobia of frogs but left not giving a shit about them. Was pretty mind blowing.

MM - Bunbury