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Doing this course is like realising the dark room you’ve been sitting in is only so dim because you didn’t realise you could switch the light on.  Leanne gives you the means to find the light switch!

There have been so many valuable lessons in every module, I truly believe joining the course is the best investment I’ve ever made. I one hundred percent recommend signing up and unf*cking your mind. 

Bee. D. 


I just wanted to say that since doing this awesome informational course with Leanne and Sam (who are bloody fckn amazing at what they do), I have not been as angry at work as I used to be and I don't take things personally as much. I am feeling so much better as a person. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Leanne for sharing all your knowledge and all the hard work you put into making this course happen.

Robyn. H

Thank you Leanne! I have found this course to be life changing. The knowledge & tools you provide are game changers. So happy I saw your sign & looked you up. The old saying that when the student is ready the teacher will appear is certainly true. Thank you!
Kath. L

WELCOME to the UNFCK Yourself journey, where we're all about finding U!

Over the five weeks of this program, you will be given the tools to create profound transformation, taught how to use them and you'll also get an understanding of why you have struggled in the past ... and CHANGE THAT!

In THIS program you will learn how to


Feeling Triggered 



People Pleasing


Feeling Powerless 


Impostor Syndrome

and it's all delivered in real speak.

NO bullshit!

NO fluffy stuff!

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So ... how does this work?

Well, you know how your phone gets updates?  Well, every week for FIVE WEEKS you're going to get an update of your own!!!


freaking SUPER POWER that will change your life! 

EVERY MONDAY, you'll get a no BS video lesson from Leanne, where she'll explain what your new super power is and how to install it into your mindset.


But, that's not all!!!

EVERY WEEK, you'll ALSO get a resource that will help you install your new learnings

at a deeper, blueprint level.   You can print this resource or use it as inspiration

in a notebook or journal. 

LIVE access to Leanne at NO EXTRA COST!

Every single week, Leanne will send you a link to join her LIVE in the VIRTUAL UNFCK YOURSELF MEMBER'S LOUNGE where you'll get to ask questions, share any challenges, get coaching with her or just grab a bevvy and observe as a spectator without joining in.  

If you can't make it, we'll send you a link to catch the replay!




Lifetime means LIFETIME!!!  Even after you finish your five-week program you keep access to all your modules and also your VIP pass into the Virtual Members Lounge.

This means you can redo the program whenever you like, drop into the live sessions and keep up with all the mindset badassery on offer in the PRIVATE Facebook Group.



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We have so much faith in this program and the results it offers, that

we are prepared to put our money where our mouth is.

So, if, 14 days in, you decide that it's not for you, you'll get a

full, 100% refund, no questions asked!



This is a FULLY supported, immersive program that includes:


A video delivered to your inbox EVERY week for FIVE WEEKS where Leanne will use REAL TALK to guide you through that week's transformation journey. 


How to do it, what to look out for, the roadblocks you may encounter and

how to smash through them.

Worksheets created by Leanne that are specific to that week's module.

You can print them, type directly into them or even use them as a guide

if you'd prefer to journal with them.