Leanne is your road map back to YOU!

By listening to my conversation Leanne mapped out my negative belief then chauffeured me back to the core of this limiting creation and proceeded to reroute a more positive belief.

Leanne's enthusiasm for NLP is fuelled by her passion to help people build confidence in themselves. Fear, anxiety and self doubt are the stop signs in our life, NLP is the green light to keep you moving forward.

So, what is NLP?


In a word - life changing!  (Well that's two words).  You know where you are now, you know where you want to be ... but when you can't seem to get there, NLP is the answer.  

Let me break it down.


N - Neuro  This is your mind (unconscious, subconscious and nervous system), and everything your mind controls.

L - Linguistic The language you use to interpret yourself, others, your world and your life.

P - Programming The unconscious patterns and ways-of-being that run you at a deep level.


All of these things tie up together to drive the person you are.  The way you think about yourself becomes coded into your unconscious mind and this is what steers you through life.  The problem we often have though is that many of our beliefs and strategies no longer serve us, but we feel powerless to uninstall them (in fact, most of us don't even know what they are or even that we're doing them). 

NLP is like the user manual for your mind.  I pick up on your language (verbal and body) and this gives me a really clear picture of the patterns you are running and the way you view yourself and your world.  We then

break down those beliefs, interrupt the patterns and get you back to state of being calm and content … and ready to manage your life with clarity and purpose. 

I will take you through some quick, fun techniques that will rewire your thinking at a neurological level.  Some of these techniques include re-framing, Time Line Therapy®, hypnosis, sub-modality belief change,

strategy and values realigning, new behaviour generator, anchoring and loads more.  


So, if you feel "stuck" or can't seem to make a change at a deep level,

or you experience any of the issues listed below, then NLP is your

magic wand. 

How would life be for you if you didn't have the problems you have?


Book your session and let's find out!